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The Canadian Independent Telecommunications Association (CITA), founded in 1905, was initially comprised of small independent telephone companies located within the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Today, it is a Canada-wide association of companies which provide telephone service within British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.

In addition to the independent telephone companies that form the Active Members of the Association, CITA has over 100 Associate and Special Associate Members, most of whom are equipment and service suppliers.

The CITA represents Canada’s independent telephone companies before federal and provincial bodies and deals with matters of major concerns to its members. The Association also actively promotes the increase and advancement of telephone service in the communities served by its members.

Some statistical information on the CITA’s members includes:

Member companies of the CITA operate and interconnect their telephone systems with those of other companies to form part of the nation-wide public switched telecommunications network. Most independent companies in Canada serve rural and sparsely settled regions – the more costly and difficult areas in which to provide telecommunications services.

CITA has played a large part in helping the independent telephone industry serve the telecommunication needs of Canadians for more than 100 years and looks forward to continuing this role in the future.

CITA Active Members 2023

Brooke Telecom
Bruce Telecom
CityWest Tel
Cochrane Telecom Service
Execulink Telecom
Gosfield North Communications
Hay Communications
Huron Telecommunications
Lansdowne Rural Telephone
Mornington Communications
Nexicom Telecommunications

North Frontenac Telephone Corp.
North Renfrew Telephone Company
Quadro Communications
Roxborough Telephone Co. Ltd.
Tuckersmith Communications
Wightman Telecom
WTC Communications.